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Sync Positive

c0016905_11401129.jpgHiroshi Watanabe “Sync Positive”
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wordandsound > Hiroshi Watanabe - “Sync Positive” on Klik (KLCD070)

Át the end of April, Hiroshi Watanabe returns with his second artist album for the Athenean label, klik records. Its almost five years since the release of his last album, .Genesis., a period of time in which the Japanese veteran producer kept composing music and growing his reputation by creating two albums under his Kaito alias. Hiroshi Watanabe, one of the most recognizable and critically accepted Japanese ambassadors for house music presents his new album titled .Sync Positive.. .Sync Positive. sees Hiroshi delve even further into the techno palette with his unique flair for colouration and warmth. As a totally immersive body of work built around nine instrumental compositions and one Japanese orientated vocal track, Hiroshi Watanabe once again shows that he is capable of transporting the listener into his own musical landscape and taking us beyond the here and now.
by tinybalance | 2011-03-30 11:41 | MUSIC